Feb 21,2019
New product information(PD-151) is available here
Dec 10,2018
New product information(JPC-15000,JPR-15000,JPS-15000) is available here
Apr 17,2018
New product launch: Vacuum tube separate amp Custom series CL-38uC & MQ-88uC
Apr 11,2018
Apr 10,2018
LUXMAN's AB class flagship integrated amp L-509X received five stars on WHAT-HIFI.
Feb 01,2018
C/M-900u received an outstanding product award by hi-fi news.
Jan 19,2018
New product information(L-509X) is available here
Nov 10,2017
New product information(L-505uXⅡ,L-507uXⅡ) is available here
Sep 01,2017
New product information(P-750u) is available here
Jun 02,2017
The latest version of "LUXMAN Audio player is now available."


SteReoFil is having their 15th celebration this weekend. Make sure to stop by if you're in town.

2019-02-28 07:19:51

State of the art

2019-02-19 06:42:10

Thank you High & Style from Slovakia. === Title : Elegance above all Pluses are : + sound stage + ... Read more

2019-01-16 04:00:21

Exploit the full potential of your audio system

2018-12-20 04:47:12

2018-12-10 02:10:15

Do you remember PD-555 with vacuum disc stabilizer? If you own any of our turntables, please share s... Read more

2018-11-28 03:59:13

NeoClassicoⅡ & PD-151 Interview

2018-11-26 06:11:13

Luxman PD-171A turntable, DA250 DAC/Preamp + M-700u power amplifier with CHARIO speakers, Cardas and ... Read more

2018-11-26 02:36:37

Thank you for coming to Hi-Fi Huset in Denmark to check out our products!

2018-11-22 02:20:42

Thank you High Fidelity Poland for the nice review on L-509X. "Luxman offers refined control over a... Read more

2018-11-21 00:17:57