Apr 17,2018
New product launch: Vacuum tube separate amp Custom series CL-38uC & MQ-88uC
Apr 11,2018
Apr 10,2018
LUXMAN's AB class flagship integrated amp L-509X received five stars on WHAT-HIFI.
Feb 01,2018
C/M-900u received an outstanding product award by hi-fi news.
Jan 19,2018
New product information(L-509X) is available here
Nov 10,2017
New product information(L-505uXⅡ,L-507uXⅡ) is available here
Sep 01,2017
New product information(P-750u) is available here
Jun 02,2017
The latest version of "LUXMAN Audio player is now available."


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2018-04-25 08:08:22

"Compared to transistor rivals in the same price range, the LX-380 was extremely airy, light-footed a... Read more

2018-04-18 05:37:10

Hello Chicago!

2018-04-14 07:57:59

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2018-04-13 12:56:45

#luxman_pr 第10回 CDショップ大賞 2018 “クラシック”部門 推薦ディスク&トー... Read more

2018-04-11 03:58:29

L-509X received five starts on WHATHIFI. "This is an impressively detailed and insightful performer, ... Read more

2018-04-09 02:19:51

#luxman_pr 第3回#北陸オーディオショウ ・ 3月31日(土)、4月1日(日)の2日間、 ... Read more

2018-03-30 11:56:34

LUXMAN is proud to release three different high-grade genuine audio cables which have been engineered... Read more

2018-03-30 04:32:08

The ultimate refinement of separates in a single unit L-509X ???????? ???????? ???????? Ďakujem

2018-03-27 03:21:06

Good time to check out our new integrated amp L-509X.

2018-03-24 21:37:12